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Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Every homeowner dreams of a perfect kitchen. Unfortunately, when you are on a budget, spending huge amounts of money on kitchen décor is just not an option. So, does that mean you have to make do with shoddy quality kitchen? Not really. When decorating or redecorating your kitchen on a budget, you need to skip the nonessentials and focus on convenience.

One of the costliest renovation expenses in the kitchen are the cabinets. New, custom-made cabinets can devour a big chunk of your kitchen renovation budget. There is a dizzying array of cabinet types in the market. Available at different price points, these cabinets vary in their material and construction. If you need to cut costs, then it is essential to buy cheap yet good-quality kitchen cabinets.

Choosing Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

There are a variety of kitchen cabinets to choose from. They are often customizable to meet specific needs and budgets. While semi-custom and custom cabinets are generally quite expensive, stock cabinets are perfect for people remodeling their kitchens on a budget.

Available in standard shapes, styles, and sizes, stock or basic cabinets are off-the-shelf cabinets that are ready for purchase and installation at stores. They are often basic boxes made with thinly veneered particleboard, having a standard height and width. If you are not too choosy about the style, accessories, or the fit, then these low-cost cabinets are your best bet. Some of the modern stock cabinets in the market have solid wood doors and better-quality drawers as well.

Choosing the Right Material

The material of the kitchen cabinet matters a lot. Real wood cabinets are expensive, especially the cabinets made of premium woods, such as cherry and walnut. If you are on a strict budget, then consider plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets with color laminates. Although people often label it as cheap and of lesser quality, MDF cabinets are smooth and durable. The high grade, composite material may not be as strong and sturdy as real wood, but it does stand better against changes in heat and humidity. Moreover, for painted cabinet doors, MDF is a better choice than real wood where wood grain and knots bleeding through the paint are common problems.

Do Not Opt for Extras

There are a number of manufacturers who add in lots of extras into the kitchen cabinets to increase the price. For example, turntables in the cabinets look extremely attractive and handy. However, instead of opting for a built-in version, purchase inexpensive and simple turntables from the local home improvement stores and place it in the cabinets. Not only are they cost-effective, but also work equally well.

Other extras on which you can save money include the cabinet hardware which is considerably expensive when purchased through the cabinet manufacturer.

Avoid Big Brand Names

Do not fall for the lure of advertising and big brand names when choosing cabinets. Not only are they considerably more expensive, you can find cheaper cabinets of the same quality and design by small manufacturers and big-box stores, such as Ikea.

Option for Discount or Used Cabinets

One way in which you can find cheap affordable cabinets is by scouring salvage shops for secondhand cabinets. Check out thrift stores, such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore where people donate cabinets for resale. You can find some cheap, secondhand cabinets that you can use. If you are not inclined to using used cabinets in your kitchen, then wait for discounts on cabinets. Most of the big-box stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer discounts on kitchen cabinets.

Installing the Cabinets Yourself

One way to save money is by installing it yourself. Obviously, you should have the necessary skill, level of experience, and time to assemble and install the cabinets. Moreover, the cabinets are sure to be heavy and unwieldy, and you are sure to need help when installing them.

What to Look Out For

Opting for cheap cabinets does not mean you need to compromise on quality. When buying cabinets, there are some things that you need to watch out for.

➡ Check for cabinets that are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.
➡ Watch out for irregular finishes and damage.
➡ It is good to know about cabinet construction techniques, material, finishes, and the qualities of well-designed cabinetry before buying.
➡ Some people like mixing cheaper kitchen cabinet options in areas not as visible with high-grade kitchen cabinets in visible areas to balance their budget smartly.

With a little bit of research and lot of bargain hunting, you are sure to find the kitchen cabinets that suit your budget and make your kitchen look great.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet DoorsThe choice of every individual differs when it comes to designing the interiors of his/her home, which is why, it is imperative to observe the minute details that go into making a house a home. What is the first thing you notice when you enter the kitchen? It isn’t the gas stove or the sink but the layout and design of the cabinet. The next thing you notice is the style and pattern on the doors and the drawers that make it appear contemporary, stylish, chic, or modern. The style can be anywhere from simple and elegant to elaborate and grand. Given below are the styles you are most likely to observe in different homes.

Beadboard Cabinet Door

Beadboard is nothing but a series of vertical planks with ridges or indentations known as beads. The characteristic traits of this type of door are the deep, clean cuts, and vertical beads that create a striped or paneled effect. There are two styles of beadboards: (i) traditional tongue and groove boards that fit together; and (ii) beadboard panels that are molded to give you the effect of the actual material that aid in rendering your kitchen a traditional farmhouse appearance.

Distressed Cabinet Door

Want your kitchen to emanate an old cottage charm? Opt for distressed cabinet doors to give you an antique look to your home. Preferably made from reclaimed material, the doors and drawers of the cabinet appear old and worn out. New furniture can be given a distressed look by sanding the surface and rubbing a hint of glaze into the wood.

Flat Cabinet Door

Simplicity at its best, flat cabinet doors are just that. They have smooth finishes without any visible detailing. The only visible design is the natural grain of the wood in case of pure wood doors, and a shiny surface in case of laminated doors. They not only look neat but also make it easier to clean.

Frosted Glass Cabinet Door

Add flair to the cabinets with frosted glass cabinet doors. It is better than clear glass doors as it succeeds from hiding stuff behind it, giving them a hazy appearance. You can use it to camouflage your pots and pans, and is especially beneficial to create a warm, fuzzy atmosphere.

Grill Style Cabinet Door

Quirky, out-of-the-box cabinet doors allow you to increase the artistic appeal of your home and kitchen in particular. The grooves and patterns that you can try out are numerous and known to add style to your cabinets. Wire mesh-inspired doors though, require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking new for a long period of time. You can opt for a glass-backed grill-style cabinet door to enhance the look of the kitchen.

Louvered Cabinet Door

The horizontal slats on the door help keep the cabinet well-ventilated, thus, preventing it from a strong musty smell that occurs over a period of time. They are attractive and stylish, and can accentuate the look of just about any kitchen. It is the preferred choice for storing appliances that require ventilation.

Shaker Cabinet Door

Simple clean lines that emphasize utility is what the shaker cabinet door is all about. Ideally made from five individual pieces of flat panels, the shaker is the most common door style used for kitchen cabinet doors. It is a classic style, and rest assured it will never go out of style.

Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Laminate surfaces that feature silky smooth finishes are the norm of thermofoil doors. These doors are made by pressure binding medium-density fiberboard together. The laminate distorts with heat; hence, placing an oven near these doors is not advisable.

Framed Glass Cabinet Door

Glass front doors help render the kitchen a large and airy feel. It can be used to highlight artistic pieces of dinnerware. Remember, a glass door will do little to hide clutter, which means you have to take extra efforts to keep it organized at all times.

While a kitchen done up with any one type of door will lend a symmetrical look, a kitchen with a combination of door styles will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Lastly remember, it isn’t just about the doors and drawers that make the kitchen the activity hub of a family, you also have to pay attention to the minute details that go into making it complete.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

It’s never about the size of a kitchen that determines how the design and layout will look. From an interior designer’s point of view, the answers or ideas are hidden in how well you can use the space provided for the task.

Of course, we all dream about having a spacious kitchen where every item has its own designated place, there are all sorts of appliances in there, and perhaps a fancy kitchen island as well. But that’s not always a possibility. If you have found an apartment or a home that doesn’t give you adequate kitchen space, there are ways to transform the way your kitchen looks once and for all. With innovative ideas, you can have a kitchen of your dreams.

6 Ways to Alter Your Kitchen
With a few suggestions mentioned below, you will be able to find a way to create more space in your small kitchen. These ideas will not be asking you to break down any walls or move too many things here and there.
Remove the Clutter
The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the things that do not belong in the kitchen. I have seen women storing their mail, laundry, even some old clothes in their kitchen. If this is the case, please get rid of all such extra stuff and use the kitchen only for preparing meals.
Plan The Layout
A good way to design the layout will be to find designated places for your stove, sink, and refrigerator. Also, if you work out the space for cooking, you can include a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table for 2 or 4; depending on the space available afterwards.
Buy Sleek Appliances
When we say sleek, we mean appliances that won’t eat up too much space. From pint size microwave, two-burner stove, to multi-purpose kitchen sink can all be great ideas to consider.

Go for Built-in Storage
Another useful idea is to opt for built-in storage; especially if you have a very limited space. You can place your dishes, utensils, pots, pans, appliances, pantry items, and so much more in these spaces.

Utilize Wall Space
For storing various things in the kitchen, you can use the wall space. Put some racks on the wall or simply drill some nails, and you can hang everything, right from utensils to fruit baskets on the walls.

Creative Kitchen Design
Do you know that painting the kitchen in light color will automatically give it a very spacious and airy feel? Also, select complementing shades for your cabinets and flooring as well. If you are planning to have floor tiles, go in for the large-sized ones, as they make the kitchen look spacious.

Kitchen Design
Basically, all you require is a little bit of creativity and thinking outside-the-box. So, what are you waiting for? See whether the suggestions we’ve provided can be applied in your kitchen and add your own creative flare to it; you will definitely come up with a great plan that suits your style and budget.

Ideas to Design Open Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen interiors have undergone massive design changes in the past decade. Neutral colors, isometric structures, and minimalism and sophistication are the order of the day. Architects have come up with creative ideas to design open-wall shelves instead of closed cabinets. Modern kitchen interiors may include single shelves mounted on green walls with triangular stands, diagonally opposite to wooden shelves between 2 parts of the same wall.
Go Antique
Go for an antique kitchen look, but only if you can maintain it. Mount dark wood shelves high up the wall, and place rustic pots and pans to lend an old-fashioned feel.
Dark wood shelves
Open wooden shelving is rather common. Experimentation arises when the wood used is different. In this case, for instance, there is rectangular, dark wood shelving throughout. When you design such shelves, make sure the wood is strong enough for you to place heavy utensils. Another designing strategy is to mount wooden planks opposite each other on the walls and place wooden strips between them for the dishes.
Light wood shelves
Decorating ideas for open kitchen shelves include light wood to lend a softer look. Mount light wood planks on the walls to place jars and bottles. Or, take a wooden plank, mount wooden stands at its ends, and place wooden shelves between them. This is a very homely storage style.
Square and stainless steel shelves
Open square shelves look structured and well-placed. 6-shelved or 9-shelved designs are pretty common. They can be mounted on the wall or placed over the kitchen counter. White shelves lend an aura of spaciousness. To complement white, place colorful dishes and wine glasses in the shelves.
Metal shelves
There are plenty of open kitchen shelves designs using metal. Metal is used for sturdiness and stability. You can use heavy black metal, with a staircase-design, placed over the counter top or kitchen table. Or, use an alloy to mount shelves with screws on the wall. The shelves should have criss-cross patterns for the convenience of hanging casseroles.
Pantry-style shelves
This could be a DIY project for open kitchen shelves. Use pantry-shelving where you need to store a lot of items, and when you need to understand how to organize open kitchen shelves. The one mounted on the wall is almost a cabinet design, minus the doors. The other design is a huge open shelf, placed on a table. Place items carefully, since the shelf is open on both sides.
Mounted shelves
Use different screws, pegs, planks, and stands to mount shelves over the wall.
Textured individual shelves. These are examples of modern kitchen décor. The square shelves have enough space for a stack of dishes or bowls. The rack below can be used for teacups and the like. The color combination, the butterfly design, and the striped patterns add to the overall appeal.
Abstract designs behind shelves
Mount single shelves right above the counter top, and grace the background with monochromatic and patched designs. This gives plenty of storage space as well.