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Color Ideas for Your Room

Color Ideas for Your RoomWhen you build or buy a house, you have so many dreams attached to the way you want it to look. You may have a certain look or image in mind, and you would like it to resemble your dream house. So, naturally you renovate, if you buy an existing place, or design the decor and pick the right colors so that you can feel nice about living there. While going about building your own shack, the right color or shade is vital to give your home its unique identity and special homely touch, Don’t you think it would be very dull and boring to have plain white walls all around the house? When there are no colors around, you feel expressionless and sad, and when you see bright colors like green, yellow, orange, red, etc., there’s a complete change in moods. Hence, to make it look presentable and also to make you feel happy, colored walls are necessary. In the subsequent sections, we have presented some nice room interior color ideas. Pick any combination you like or make one of your own.

There are always a number of room color schemes for the house, depending on the room colors. There are particular colors which are allotted for all the rooms in the house like the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and the bathrooms. When you follow these colors for all the rooms in the house, your house not only looks presentable, but is also given a very homely touch. Given below are a few pleasing colors, which you can choose from for all the rooms in your home.

Living Room Color Ideas

A living room is generally considered the first room in the house, the room which guests and outsiders are welcomed. It is a glimpse of the rest of your house, thus, people love to make it as beautiful as they can.
Living room colors should be well-schemed and with rich colors and beautiful furniture, you should make it the best room in the house.
Some popular combinations for living rooms can be either very bold colors with dark shades or bright colors with lighter shades.
These colors depend on the styles of the living rooms. If the living room is modern, bold colors like red, dark purple, navy blue, olive green and mauve can work wonders. But if the living room has a Victorian and homely appearance, lighter shades like gray, peach, beige, ivory, lemon, sky blue and lilac look very pretty. Thus, these different room styles have different colors which suite them.

Kitchen Color Ideas

Cool Blue Kitchen Walls

Another very important room in the house, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house, and its appearance and decor convey volumes about the family that inhabits the place.
Choosing the right kitchen colors is vital because there are a few colors which don’t suite kitchen walls.
Kitchens have a lot of furniture in them, and a color scheme that complements the furniture and the available light should be chosen
A mixture of more than three colors, sometimes, may look very loud, thus, it’s good to limit the color scheme to simply three colors.
If your cabinets and the laminate colors are bright, like red, pink, yellow, teal, dark blue, purple, maroon or any other, you should go for lighter wall colors.
You can have very light shades of blue, pink, lemon, olive green, peach and ivory wall colors to combine with these cabinets.
For the furniture, a wooden set with chocolate brown or wood brown finish can be the perfect choice around the colorful kitchen.

Bedroom Color Ideas

A Cool and Soothing Effect

The most personal of all the rooms are your bedrooms and bathrooms. These rooms completely portray “you” and that is what makes them personal.
The colors that you choose to decorate your bedrooms, should be of lighter shades.
The reason being that these rooms are meant for comfort and relaxation, thus, loud and bright colors like red, bright orange and green can act as energy enhancing colors.
You can also try soothing colors like beige, ivory, cream, lemon, baby pink, peach, sky blue, light purple, light teal, and gray as your bedroom color ideas. These colors surely give a comfortable feeling and make you feel at home. These can also be used as bathroom colors, and you can accessorize them with contrasting bright colors.
Bedroom furniture and linens can have a brighter shade of wall colors, as a contrast always makes the accessories stand out.

With these wonderful and nice room colors ideas for your home, you have a wide variety to choose from. So, if you have made up your mind, do let us know which color are you going to paint your world in through the comments section given below.